HOA: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Pricing

If you currently have or are looking for a home in Denver, you’ll undoubtedly be looking at more than a few homes which fall under a homeowner’s association (HOA). A homeowner’s association can add a lot of value, a lot of headache, and/or a lot of cost to your home. Here we ask and answer important questions about HOAs.

Mortgage Fraud

Avoiding Mortgage Fraud

How can today’s homeowners and buyers dodge the mortgage fraud bullet, and ensure their continued freedom? How rampant is mortgage fraud in the US today? What are some of the common traps both home buyers and sellers need to avoid, and how can they ensure they are on the right side of the law and avoid the devastating lifelong ramifications …

couple moving

Tips to Make Moving Easier

The idea of moving is a mixed bag for most people. The idea should be full of excited anticipation and hope. Yet we often are overcome stress as we face the daunting project of actually moving. The packing up of your life, the physical labor, the pleading of help from friends, the confusion, the broken and lost possessions, the money, …