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Meet Carter – Carter is a fun-loving 5-year old boy who likes Ninja Turtles, trampolines, and dirt bikes. He’s not crazy about chocolate, and gets really annoyed when his little sister, Cami, messes up his stuff. He loves spending time in the crisp, clean mountain air at his grandparent’s cabin in Steamboat, and he has a passion for learning to read. In short, he’s your typical 5-year old, full of wonder, curiosity, and innocence.

But unlike most 5-year olds, Carter must spend many long hours in doctor’s offices and at Children’s Hospital undergoing painful procedures and exhaustive testing as a result of being diagnosed with a serious illness in November 2014. His immune system is so compromised that he is no longer able to attend school with his friends; the risk too great, of catching a common cold or virus, that for Carter, could easily become life threatening. Isolated at home, he relies on Face time via his ipad to be a part of his classroom. His wonderful teacher, Mrs. Peterson, makes daily visits to Carter to help him with schoolwork and reading, but he misses being with his friends. Through all of these challenges his spirit remains unbroken, his smile is contagious, and his courage is an inspiration to all who know him.

His parents, Chad and Laura, were devastated with Carter’s diagnosis and have spent countless hours with doctors, and other medical professionals learning about Carter’s illness and potential treatments. Despite a good job and health insurance they have been overwhelmed with medical bills, which now total over $175,000 with no end in sight.

The Buy-Out Company, along with their employees, vendors and subcontractors are joining together to complete a 72 Hour Extreme Makeover project to help with Carter’s medical expenses. A dilapidated former hoarder house in Centennial will be transformed into a beautiful new home in just three days on July 9th, 10th and 11th. The generous donation of labor and materials by the many valued business partners of The Buy-Out Company will enable all of the profits from the renovation and resale of the property to go directly towards Carter’s medical expenses. We are incredibly grateful and appreciative for all those who are partnering with us to make this project a reality. Thank you!

Check out the clip that was on 9 News:
Carters Cause Featured on 9News

Thank you so much for joining us and helping to support Carter’s Cause. We want to keep you updated with the progress of the 72 hour Extreme Home Makeover as well as with Carter and his family, so be on the lookout for periodic emails and Facebook posts. Please feel free to share this email with others and help spread the word about Carter’s Cause.

For more information on how you or others can help please contact
Doug Perry at 303-941-1920 or

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