Graham Glauser

Property Acquisition & Realtor®

Graham has been in real estate for over ten years and has closed on over 1000 homes. He has spent the majority of his real estate career in Arizona, but has recently made the move to Colorado. Graham has a background in sales and marketing as well as building teams and systems within the business. Graham has joined the Buy Out Company to assist with acquisitions and marketing. He is excited about being a Realtor in Denver now and using his experience to help sell your home fast. Graham looks forward to working in Colorado and in building strong working relationships with the community.

The Buy-Out Company is Colorado’s Cash Home Buyer. Since 2007, we have purchased 1377 (and counting) Colorado properties for a total of over $493 Million Dollars. This might sound like we are bragging just a bit, but there’s a more important reason we want you to know this information: When it comes time to sell your property, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are dealing with a local company that will complete the purchase as agreed, on-time, every time – just like we have on each of the 1377 properties we bought before buying yours.
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