I Want to Sell My House Fast. What sets The Buy-Out Company Apart?

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Yes, we really mean that, we will buy your property, 100 percent “as-is”. No repairs, no cleaning, no need to remove unwanted items. Have an existing tenant? No problem, we will honor the lease. Sell it to us and you won’t need to spend another second worrying about that property.
You pay only the normal proration of property taxes. We pay everything else.
We’ll buy your property at your convenience, whether that’s next week or several months from now. Just tell us when you want to close and we’ll be ready, cash in hand.
Not surprisingly this is the question we are most often asked. To answer this, we simply need to visit the property and do a quick informal walk through that will take no longer than 15 minutes. We then will give you a firm, all-cash offer within the next 24 hours. There’s no obligation on your part, and certainly no high pressure on ours. You can take as much time as you need to review, analyze and compare our offer to the other options you have available. As the largest homebuyer in Colorado, we are confident our offer will compare favorably with any other offers you receive. Clearly, if we weren’t paying the most competitive prices in the industry, we couldn’t have successfully purchased 1208 (and counting) Colorado properties over the last seven years. Call, click or email us today to schedule an appointment for your property, we promise to keep your information private and confidential, and as always, there is absolutely no obligation on your part.
We recognize that we may not be a perfect fit for everyone. For our company to be viable, we need to buy properties at a discount, and for some sellers that may not be the wisest choice. If selling your property at the highest possible price is your primary objective, by all means, you should sell it traditionally. That being said, a traditional sale is often a much more complex transaction, filled with considerable uncertainty. Planning for or predicting a closing date will be next to impossible as your property may linger on the market for months before a suitable, qualified buyer is found. Substantial repairs or fix up may be required before you can market your property, or it may not be financeable. Lender appraisals or buyer inspections may require additional costly and unexpected repairs. In exchange for a possible higher price, you will be burdened with all of the risk, expense, and stress that comes with selling your property traditionally. But if you have the resources, time and determination to tackle and overcome these inherent pitfalls, a traditional sale, may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you have ever said, “I want to sell my house fast in Denver” and an incredibly easy, rock-solid sale, at a reasonable discount, better accomplishes your goals, then selling your property to us could be the smarter choice. The best answer is it boils down to a matter of priorities – what’s most important to you.

Compare Your Options

                               The Buy Out Company Traditional Sale
Pick your closing date  (3 days or 3 months) Yes No
 Change your closing date as needed Yes No
 Close now and move later, if needed Yes No
 Sell your property “As-is” Yes No
 Sell with tenant in place Yes Not Likely
 Sell for Cash Yes Not Likely
 Pay brokerages fees (5-6% of sale price) No Yes
 Pay seller’s closing costs (1-2%) No  Yes
 Contingent on buyer qualifying for financing No Very Likely
 Contingent on sale of the buyer’s property    No Maybe
 Pay buyer’s closing costs (2-4%) No Very Likely
 Contingent on professional home inspection No  Yes
 Contigent on Radon/Mold/Asbestos tests No  Very Likely
 Contigent on sewer scope No  Very Likely
 Contingent on structural inspection No  Maybe
 Provide home warranty (300-$500) No  Very Likely
 Provide Certification of roof and mechanicals No  Likely
 Make costly repairs No  Very Likely
Sell 2 or 3 times before you actually close No Very Likely
Incredibly Fast & Incredibly Easy! Always! Never!

We Know You Have Options

We know you have options when it comes to selling your property, and we have built our company to provide you a practical, efficient alternative to the traditional brokered sale. Because we handle every phase of a transaction in-house, from property purchase, to renovation, to resale, we are able to keep our operating expenses low, and that enables us to pay the highest, most competitive prices in the industry. So, if you have a property you are interested in selling, contact us and see how Incredibly Fast & Incredibly Easy we will make it for you.

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