F.A.Q | Frequently Asked Questions

We pay all of the closing costs; you are only responsible for the normal proration of property taxes.
Yes, in fact many of the properties we buy are listed with Realtors. Just have your agent contact us and we will provide them all of the details and be happy to work with them.
We buy houses, duplexes, townhouses and condominiums anywhere in Denver and the surrounding communities.
Lots of companies or individuals advertise that they will buy your property for cash. But in reality, most lack the resources to actually perform. They simply hope to get your property under contract at a low price, and then flip or assign it to someone else for a quick profit. If they’re unsuccessful flipping it, they walk away, leaving you with an unsold property and generally no recourse. Regardless of whom you sell to, following these three easy steps can help you avoid falling victim to this scheme:

1. Never accept an assignable contract. If the buyer wants the contract assignable, that’s a tipoff they will need to flip it to perform.

2. Get a large earnest money deposit. A legitimate cash buyer who intends to close will have no problem putting up 5-10% as earnest money.

3. Require verifiable Proof of Funds. Require the buyer to provide you a current bank statement, in their name, showing sufficient funds to buy your property. Don’t accept letters of credit, loan commitments, etc. If the buyer says they are a cash buyer, make them Show You the Money!

No, all the paperwork can be completed electronically or via overnight mail and the title company will wire you your funds immediately upon closing.
Yes, we will buy it and honor the existing lease. You don’t need to have your tenant move out when you sell to The Buy-Out Company.
No problem, we will buy your property in “as-is” condition. You don’t need to make any repairs or even remove unwanted items. With us, “as-is” really means “as-is”.
It means you can tell us exactly when you want to sell and we’ll be ready, cash in hand. We can close the purchase of your property in as little as three days, or whenever it’s convenient for you. The choice is completely yours.
It begins with the walk-thru of your property, where we assess the physical condition and the specific location. With literally thousands of home purchases under our belt, we can quickly determine what type of repairs may be needed, or what improvements would best maximize the desirability and value of the property. Since we have bought and sold homes in nearly every Denver metro neighborhood, we have remarkable insight into which areas have unique characteristics that may influence the value of a property.

The next step involves estimating our cost and the corresponding value of any indicated repairs or improvements. This is an area where we have a significant advantage over our competitors. With virtually all of our construction performed in-house, by our own crews and contractors, we are able to renovate properties, and add considerable value, at a fraction of the cost paid by a typical homeowner or most of our competitors. Our purchasing volume has allowed us to secure builder-level pricing on nearly all of our materials.

We then estimate the highest possible resale value, and our expected selling expenses. This will take into consideration current market conditions, existing inventory, and a careful review of recently sold properties that are similar to yours. Our advantage in this area is twofold; our renovated properties consistently sell at the top of the market, often establishing benchmark sales in most neighborhoods, and our in-house marketing represents a substantial savings.

With all this information in hand, we can then determine what we can afford to pay for your property. From the estimated resale price, we subtract our renovation expenses, holding and sales costs, and a reasonable profit margin to arrive at the price we can pay.

We, like any company, need to have the potential to make a profit when buying property, but it is critically important to recognize and understand that much of our profit is earned very differently than most of our competitors. A majority of our profit comes from the value added and savings gained, from having full in-house construction and marketing. This allows us to pay more for the properties we buy than would otherwise be possible. For many of our competitors, especially those who intend to flip the property to another buyer prior to closing, their profit depends entirely upon extracting the largest discount possible from the homeowner. Who would you rather sell your property to? We are completely transparent in our buying process and are happy to share with you all of the contributing factors we considered in determining the price we can pay. We welcome your questions and encourage you to compare our offer to any others you receive; we are convinced you’ll like ours.

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