Winterizing your Denver Home: Are You Ready?

With cold weather officially upon us it is the time of year to prepare everything inside and out for the cold winter ahead.  We have gathered just a few quick ideas to help make this winter a warm and cozy one for you and your family.

  1. Change the filters in your furnace: Overall maintenance of your furnace is a great idea. If you have a company that does a yearly check for you then you are a step ahead! If not make sure you change out the filters on your furnace to make sure your furnace is at its best.
  2. Clean your gutters: This one may have to be done a few times depending on the amount of leaves that could block your gutters. Making sure that your gutters are clear will go a long way to helping keep the snow and run-off off your roof and not breaking your gutters.
  3. Door draft guards: Drafts from doors and windows is one of the top ways your home looses its heat, and wastes your money, in the winter. Buying or making draft guards can help insure your warm air stays in your house and not outside.
  4. Window insulation film: As we said before windows and doors are how you loose most of your warm air so if you don’t want to spend the money to get new energy efficient windows, insulation film is a great option. Usually found at a local hardware store this film is easy to install and won’t affect the amount of light coming into your home.
  5. Disconnect outside hoses: If you have any hoses attached to outside faucets go ahead and remove them and make sure that faucet is turned off. Any leaky faucet or water left in the hose can freeze and cause damage to the house or at least to your hose.
  6. Insulate your pipes: Choosing to insulate your pipes is a no brainer, especially if any of those pipes happen to be outdoors. No one wants a busted pipe in the middle of the winter. You can pick up different types of pipe insulation at a local hardware store, ask them what is best for your individual pipes.

BONUS:  Do you have a wood burning fireplace? Make sure you clean out the fireplace and the flue before your first use this year. Once everything is cleared out make sure the flue closes tightly so that you are not losing any warm air when it is closed.